Monday, August 30, 2010

School Shopping with Coupons.

Well as the kids are headed back to school I am testing my new frugal attitude.  I bought much less this year than I normally do so that in itself was a HUGE money saver.  It was hard though.  My instinct is to go out and buy them both brand new wardrobes so they have fantastic cool clothes to start out the year in.  We settled instead for a couple of pairs of really cool shoes, a couple of shirts, and one or two pair of pants to start the year out in. Honestly I have to say the kids are adjusting to it better than I am.  They are thrilled with their shoes while I am feeling a combination of guilt I didn't buy more and being proud I stuck to my plan.  The one thing I did do this year I haven't before was use store coupons.  Man 20% and 40% coupon savings add up.

The other change I made is actually probably the biggest of all.  The only non school supply related item I bought is one book for me and that was on sale and I bought it with a coupon.  No tossing in misc. stuff just cause we were at the store. Yeah Me!


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