Friday, July 20, 2012

Who I am most upset with this election year

I have definite political leanings. I don't want to even try to start this blog out while claiming to be impartial because I am not. I vote republican because I believe that is the least of the two evils I have to choose from. I am however much more a libertarian than anything else.

Knowing that I will say that I am very discouraged this year politically. I really don't care for either candidate. But the truth is neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney are the people I am most upset with. Mitt Romney does nothing for me and I personally think he is too far removed from the reality of the American people. President Obama has been exactly who he presented himself to be when he was elected 4 years ago. I don't like his politics, didn't like them then but you can't fault the man for being exactly who he is and doing exactly what he said he would do. This is what the American people asked for. Most too uninformed to vote in my opinion but yet still this is  what they asked for.

And that leads me to my real issue:

I  have heard some disturbing ads from both candidates. Reports that 78% of the stimulus money when to over seas companies. Stories about the amount of money Mitt Romney made as his companies went under. Horror stories about what life will be like under the Presidents health care plan. Stories about how Romney's plan either isn't any different or about how it will leave millions uninsured. Stories about birth certificates, failure to support our military, our country and the American people some that seem to have credibility some that seem to come from people who are as crazy as a loon. But those are the ads. That is to be expected.

But here is the problem: where do you go to get the TRUTH? You can't rely on the news media. You can debate and argue the benefits of your chosen place to get your news but let us be honest here... there really aren't sources of non biased information readily available.  No matter how many times they claim they are they just flat out aren't.

I won't even go into listing which media leans which way if you are a person who is interested in politics you already know. No matter how many times you claim CNN isn't an left wing news source or how many times you try to claim that FOX News isn't so right wing it can't even see the middle you know they are.

There isn't a place for the American people to go to learn the TRUTH. If you know the actual truth about who the candidates are, what they believe, and what they direction they want to take this country and you still want to vote for them then you should. What makes me sad is that we don't know. We hear so much crap from each side about the other and no way to tell what is true.

I hate to say it but there is no journalistic integrity at all anymore.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Faith in Photos: Colossians 1:17

This is one of my favorite verses. One Sunday in church about a year or so ago Pastor Mike Gray read this verse during his sermon. It wasn't the key verse for the sermon. I don't remember what the sermon was even about. All I remember is that when he read the verse the hairs on the back of my neck tingled.

I could hear the Holy Spirit saying "I threw that one in there just for you today".

Some days I truly feel like things are coming undone. I can't explain it. It is part of the anxiety I suffer from on occasion. Sometimes I feel that way because I have over commited myself and I am stressed and it feels like everything is rushing at me.  That is enough to drive you crazy but I can cope with that fairly well. It is the times when there is no reason for it and yet still I can feel everything spiraling out of control.  That is when I come very close to losing it.

And then when I start to feel things spinning out of control that is when this verse comes to my mind. Things aren't going to come apart. The earth isn't going to spin off its axis. If I stop and breath. If I just stop and be still and remember the things I know deep inside I can calm the storm inside my mind and get back on track. If I remember "in Him all things hold together".

There is an old video from the heavy metal band Korn's song called "Coming Undone" It was the best visual representation of the way that feels that I have ever seen. I am going to post a link to the video but I am giving you warning if you aren't into heavy metal Korn is a bit rough.

I actually had just watched that video the day before I heard the sermon. I was in a place at that time where I really felt like things were coming undone. And just when I needed it, that feeling of helplessness and of craziness, that feeling of everything falling apart was replaced by an image instead of a loving God holding everything together.