Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"No Hoochie clothes" aka "No you may not have pants that say "juicy" on the butt" aka "Your butt is not a billboard!"

This is something I have ranted and raved about for years. Ever since Timothy was in about 2nd grade and we went to PTA function as a family.  There was a little girl in front of us who was in the 5th grade. She had an absolutely perfect heart shaped rear end. Do I  know this because I typically look at 10 year old's rears? Of course not! I  know this because she had paw prints and a cute little saying on her rear practically screaming LOOK AT ME!

Then later that week we went to Busch Gardens and saw a girl in her teens walking around with a pair of shorts on that said Bootylicious.  At that moment I declared there would be no words on my daughter's behind.

It got worse as Caitie got older. I am a Walmart, Target, Kmart shopper. I don't do name brands or department stores. I least I didn't. Until I learned that if I didn't want my daughter to look like a skank at 10 years old I had to find another place to buy her clothes. At one point we bought her t shirts in the boys department so they would cover her belly.  Nothing but Hoochie clothes everywhere I looked. It has only gotten worse. I thank God for Justice because while the clothes may scream TWEEN  they cover her body.  They also cost more than Walmart.

Anyway the other day I read this article by LZ Granderson and it outraged me and tickled my funny bone as well. I like the way he writes and I like the way he thinks so check it out if you want. Just click the link below.
Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps!