Friday, April 29, 2011

2000 Daffodils and Jambalaya

Okay here it is Thankful Thursday.  First I have to confess that my list in my journal falls a little short this week. I  lost my journal for a couple days and couldn't find it anywhere. Finally I found it of all places under the couch. Why it was there I have no idea but it did set me back a few days.  So I am very thankful I found my journal LOL. I will put a short list at the bottom of things I wrote in my journal this week, but I had a special experience this week that I am so thankful for I just have to blog about it.

I have a friend here whose son was getting married last Saturday.  Things got a bit complicated with the schedule because it was Easter weekend.  They were having the rehearsal on Good Friday and the wedding on Saturday right after the church Easter egg hunt.  Then the Sanctuary had to be ready for Easter Sunday service.  It may seem like a crazy thing to do but when you are in the military and stationed overseas you use what time you have.

I have talked about my Friday morning coffee ladies. Well she is one of them and we all agreed to help in whatever way we could. There was a lot of family in from out of town and they needed places to stay. No problem the coffee ladies have plenty of room. Favors need to be put together for the wedding ahead of time. No problem bring them to coffee and we will put them together. Can't have the rehearsal dinner at the church because it is Good Friday. No problem one of the coffee ladies has a house big enough to accommodate.  It was amazing to see the planning come together for this woman we all love as she tried to put together a special day for the son she loves.  She was doing more than normal because the couple weren't here and she was determined to make it as stress free as possible for her new daughter-in-law to be.

The rest of us agreed to be there for the rehearsal dinner to serve and clean up so the family wouldn't have to work but could enjoy being together as a family. The groom's father made Jambalaya to serve the guests. It was SOOO tasty.  As we dished up plate after plate I watched this family so full of excitement, joy, and Faith.  This wedding has been a long time coming and finally you could see their lives merging and the beginning of a new family.

The next morning we all gathered together to decorate the church. She had collected 2000 fresh daffodils. We sorted and cut and tossed and arranged. We stuffed and twisted and shaped. Vase after vase, beautiful flower arrangements came together. The bride's bouquet and her two brides maid's bouquets were made. Oh my, they were beautiful. Small arrangements hung on the end of the pews each lovingly made.  I have never been a part of something like this. I have never helped make a day as important to someone as a wedding day is to a bride come together.  It was a blessing to me. So first I will say I am so thankful that I got to be a part of it. It was fun and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

On a side note:

As we were getting it all together my friend was thanking us and made a comment about how other people pay so much money for a wedding that looks like this one did and one of the other ladies said "Yes but not everyone has the Starbucks Coffee Ladies". We all laughed and went on with our flower arranging.  But I have thought about that statement over and over and let me tell she was right. Not everyone is blessed enough to have friends like these in their lives and I am so so thankful I do.

No on to my list from my Thankfulness journal this week:

  • seeing Easter in a new way
  • sprouting plants
  • early mornings
  • fresh coffee
  • Dan's new job
  • me quitting
  • I found my journal!
Everyone have a fantastic thankful week!


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  1. I just realized this is Friday. I am laughing at myself so hard I think I might cry. I will now move on from Thankful Thursday and go meet my friends for coffee.