Monday, February 10, 2014

And we thought she was crazy.

So when was the last time you paid attention to what is on your television? I mean really actually paid attention. The language, the sexual reference, the inundation of unbiblical principals and lifestyles that are both subtle and unsubtle; it is everywhere.

It is in the commercials, the sitcoms, the dramas, even in the game shows. The idea that the abnormal is normal. That sin is not so bad. Values and morals are presented as old fashioned and silly. Faith is presented as fodder for those intelligent enough to realize how silly it is.

I remember when I was a very little girl my Great Aunt Ruby pronounced TV as evil. She, and her church I think, believed television was from Satan and she wasn't allowed to watch it. Now keep something in mind here, I am from Texas where football is king.  So every Sunday everyone watched the Cowboys play ball. I remember everyone sitting around in the living room of my grandmothers house watching the game and there Aunt Ruby sat. In the room with us. With her eyes closed because she was not allowed to "watch" TV.

We loved her but we all thought she was a little bit crazy. There wasn't really anything "bad" on TV in the 70's so none of us could see what was so wrong with it. Now in hindsight I realize that was the deal wasn't it. It took 30+ years but here we are. Right were my "crazy" Aunt knew we would be.

It happened slowly. Kind of like the old how do you boil a frog analogy. Very slowly our very ideals and values were replaced with an alternate view of what is acceptable. Slow changes to what a family looks like. Slow changes to what justifies bad behavior. A slow normalization of things we know are wrong.

By showing us everyday that EVERYONE else believes these things are good and proper the media turned a majority into a minority. Even if we still have the numbers we don't have the platform.

I don't have any solutions. I am worried about the direction we are headed. I fear it is like a snowball already headed the mountain. It has momentum and I don't know how we can stop it. Especially when it has so much support behind it. All I do know is that while I don't really know that much was gained by sitting in the room with her eyes closed, I don't really think she was Crazy after all.


Family watching television, c. 1958. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.


  1. She was right.. Even the shows the kids weren't allowed to watch are now on the 6:00 slot.. Even if you are watching a decent show the commercials are terrible.. Just wish we could stop it and go slowly back to where we were..

    1. I know I wish we could find a way but with the constant brain washing that goes on through the media everyday I am afraid it is a lost cause. Most people don't see a problem.