Monday, April 25, 2011

Memorable Moment Mondays {Barbie Doll Clothes}

Have you ever tried to make tiny clothes?  It is funny I have heard people in the store talking about baby clothes and they say "Why are baby clothes as expensive as adult clothes? They use so much less fabric".  Well I can tell you why it is because it is SOOOO much easier to sew larger clothes than small ones.  The same goes with furniture for doll houses. It is hard to make miniature things. So just imagine how much time my mom spent making my Barbie clothes.  My Barbie didn't have those mass produced clothes like everyone else had. Nope my Barbie had designer originals. Man what a pain that must have been.

I don't know if she made them because there weren't stores in our area that carried barbie clothes or because they were cheaper. My guess would be she made them because that is what she did. She made all her clothes.  She made all my clothes. So she made all my barbie clothes.  Maybe she just had lots of fabric scraps and wanted to use them.  But regardless of the reason I know it was a labor of love.  I tried it with regular doll clothes once and then headed out Walmart LOL.

So tell me Mom ..... Why did you make them.


  1. That is so awesome!!!! My mom never made anything, but I did have her 70's Barbie Dolls!!!

  2. whoooooooo so cool! hahahahha