Friday, April 8, 2011

Tweens (ugh)

First let me say I hate that name. It makes me picture some kind of little kids cartoon character like a doodle bop or a teletubbie.  That said having an 11 year old girl I understand the need to call this no mans land age a name.  Just as teenagers they think they are grown and aren't, tweens think they are teens and aren't.

They aren't little kids that is for sure.  We have lost that somewhere along the way. Kids are growing up too fast.  Too old for toys but too young for make-up.  It is a hard age to be and a hard age to parent.  It is new territory for me. Girls are different from boys.  Don't get me wrong boys have their share of issues but the girls drama is insane!

So Caitie had spent the night at a friends house and was supposed to come home yesterday afternoon. I told her to call me AS SOON as they returned to the house so I could go get her. No call. No call. No call. A text message asking if she could stay another night I replied no but still no call.  Finally I hear from her at 8 pm. 

Come to find out they had been home for hours she and the friend decided if they waited until late enough to call me I wouldn't want to come and get her and she could stay another night.  I found this out too late and their plan had already worked.

Score one for Caitie.

Hope she enjoys it cause I am on to her now.


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