Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yard Sales!

I used to go to yard sales every weekend. I always had fun. Some weeks I came home with nothing.  But it was still fun to go and look. I stopped going a while back since most Saturday mornings were spent working Real Estate.  I have been meaning to start going again but just never got a round to it.  I have been to a few every now and then but not every week like I used to.

This morning Jennifer, Caitie and I went to a community yard sale and had a ball. I bought stuff I wouldn't normally buy. I think it was just the giddiness of being back at it.  Regardless it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning!  As a friend said early ... cheap retail therapy!

Here are some things I bought:

  • A clarinet
  • 27 kids books on tape
  • 2 coffee cups
  • A zip lock bag full of wooden beads
  • Recipe cards
  • 2 Calender making kits
  • A small stack of books
  • A wooden necklace supposedly from Costa Rica
  • Sunglasses for Caitie
  • A cheetah print reading pillow for Caitie

I am sure I bought more stuff but that is all I remember.



  1. Carter's Cove? We must have missed you, we were there.

  2. No we went over to Colony Pines in NN. I think we hit almost 30 yard sales. I have the 27 books on tape so if I ever finish school and get a classroom I will have them. They are right on your boy's level if you ever want to borrow them.