Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It is all in how you say it.

It is all in how you say it.

When you think about it is kinda funny how true that is. How the same ideas, thoughts, and opinions can sound totally different all depending on how you say them. I am thinking mainly about how I keep telling Timothy this but he just isn't getting it.

What brought this to the front of my mind this morning was our weekly bible study. Something the author of the book said just really didn't sit right with me. It actually kinda bothered me, especially since this woman is one of my favorite study writers. Then someone else in the group said basically the same thing in a different way and I thought okay I can see that.

It isn't that Priscilla Shirer was wrong and my friend was right. It is that the way my friend said it resonated with me and the way Priscilla Shirer said it didn't. Got me to thinking about why we have four gospels even though they basically tell the same story over and over but that my friends is another post for another day.

Anyway that led me to think about how to get this across to Timothy. Only with him it isn't his choice of words. Not usually anyway, with him it is his tone of voice and his body language. I think when he is talking to his sister he can make Thank You sound like I hate you. His answer "I don't know why she got her feelings hurt all I said was thank you."

That led me to think about how we deal with people in general.

 I was thinking about how many times a day I have told someone they weren't important enough for me to listen to or talk with. Have I EVER said that to a single person? Not with my words but yes with my actions. When I stay on my cell phone while a cashier at Walmart checks me out. When I keep surfing the internet while I listen to Caitie's latest story. When I act frustrated when I have to take out my ear buds on my latest audiobook. It is all in how you say it.


Matthew 15:18 But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.


  1. Oh wow, Michelle! I do all of those last things (except the cell phone thing, cause I just got one)..The earbud thing, oh I do that way to much. My mom always said "It's not what you said, it's how you said it." (I remember thinking, well I'm pissed!) Thanks for pointing this out, it's important how we come across, especially if someone really needs to talk!

  2. I read Matthew 15:18 in my devotions today. I'm particularly challenged by the thought about the messages I send to my kids by how I say the things I say. Sure, I'll help them, but I'll sigh when I do and make it clear that it's sometimes an inconvenience. I'm sure that makes them feel less important than whatever task has me busy. Thanks for sharing and connecting all these thoughts up.

  3. Andrea.. because I listen to audiobooks while I clean I often have them on. I finally told my kids that I didn't mind them interupting me (not really true but I am determined to act like it is)as long as they get my attention before they start talking so I know they are talking to me. Now reading is another story. I finally just stopped reading when the kids are around because I do get annoyed if they interrupt me.

    Heather... I LOVE when someone uses a verse that is part of my devotion!