Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dementia? Who could tell?

I am very concerned about one of the older women at church. She seems a little confused. A few weeks ago she was lost it the church and couldn't find her way to a classroom she goes to every week. I think what worries me most of all is that she is still driving.  I adore older women. I love to spend time with them.   It makes me sad to see her in this stage of her life.

So this morning I was making myself some sugar biscuits (I really need to stop eating
those things) and a pot of coffee (I really need to stop drinking that stuff) for breakfast.  I put the biscuits under the broiler, turned the coffee pot on, and came and sat down and started up facebook. A little bit of time later (I have no idea how long) I was like "OH CRAP MY BISCUITS!"  I am happy to say that they weren't burned and I am enjoying eating them right now buuuutt you can't imagine how many times I do that and burn what is in the oven. It is fairly often. 

Now I know what you are thinking. Don't leave the oven when it is on broil. Don't get on FB while you are cooking. Set a timer or any number of simple solutions to my broiling issues.But that isn't what this blog is about today. I will write one someday asking all you sane people how to fix my craziness. Trust me I have been writing that one in my head for a while now.

Nope what this blog is about is how has I was standing there so relieved because I didn't burn my biscuits I thought of my grandmother at the end of her life. I thought of the woman I mentioned from church. Then I thought about my poor poor children.

See here is the issue. If I ever start to suffer from dementia I don't know how they will tell. By the time symptoms become obvious I will be pretty far gone. My life right now is a check list for dementia:

Forget things in the oven or on the stove.....check
Forget what you were going to say......check
Get lost or confused about directions to places you should know.... check
Losing everyday items ...... check
Putting things in the wrong place like milk in the pantry for example.....check
Missing/forgetting appointments...... check
Repeating things you already said..... check
Missing Birthdays/Holidays/Important Events......check

Yep. I am thinking by the time my children realize something is actually wrong there is not telling how far gone I will have to be.



  1. Haha! I can relate to this one.....night before last I forgot about the baked beans in the oven for supper until after we had set the table, eaten, and cleaned up......

  2. Oh, just oh. My brain has been on the fritz for about 3 weeks. M started waking up for a 3 am feeding again, like that child needs a growth spurt, and my brain said enough is enough. I need to get more sleep so I can remember to: email that poor lady about homeschooling, ask what the Sunday School secretary job is, pick up stuff for the nursery, make plans for next week, oh and remember to get to the store. I think it's also the heat.

  3. Emily... Dan says I have done that before although honestly I don't remember LOL

    Andrea... Lack of sleep with do that to you for sure. At least you have that as an excuse.