Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Biggests

Biggests. Wow that is quite a word. I love it. I am pretty sure I made it up. LOL It is right up there with audacity and persnickety in my opinion. Anyway I am stealing yet another blog idea from my friend Andrea over at Live with Laughter where she says she stole it from a friend on another blog so if you want to read the original copy go check out her blog.

The idea is to list your "biggest" things from the summer.

So here are my Biggests for the summer:

Biggest Dream: That I will get things running on some kind of routine around here so we can have more fun time and less stress.

Biggest Regret: That I haven't worked on my school work this summer.

Biggest Hurdle: Lack of motivation on a daily basis

Biggest Accomplishment: Keeping my office area from getting junked back up.

Biggest Mistake: Volunteering to do so many things away from home that I haven't had time to do what I wanted to here.

Biggest Sacrifice: Quitting my job to stay home with the kids this summer.

Biggest weakness: Books

Biggest Goal:  To use the rest of my time off from work wisely.

One of these days I think I will do a biggests list for all time instead of for the summer but for right now this is it. Hope you all have a cool day.


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