Friday, July 29, 2011

Thankful Friday?

Not working and the kids not going to school has me all discombobulated. Today is Friday. You know my have coffee with my friends day. My very most favorite day. The Dan is going to be off for two days after today day. That just occurred to me. So what that means is yesterday was Thursday. You know the day on my blog where I contemplate the things I am thankful for. Oops. Kinda missed that one didn't I. So this week you get Thankful Friday. Just doesn't have the same ring to it does it LOL.

This was a strange week. It has been terribly hot here. We really haven't done much of anything at all.  We had a small break in the heat but it is supposed to be back today.  So I guess what I am most thankful for this week is air conditioning and that all of my chickens,dogs, and cats have survived the heat

What I haven't done is a good job of writing in my Thankfulness Journal this week so you get a list but it is what I am writing today to cover the whole week instead of me picking from my week long list:

Air conditioning.
Swimming pools.
Sweet Frogs.
Silly boys.
A break in the tension.
Ladies all together.
Conversation starter cards.
The church minibus.
Crazy friends.
New ideas.
Babies where they are supposed to be.



  1. Conversation starter cards :-)

  2. I smiled at that one too! Also, so are you going to drive the bus?????

  3. As long as getting the on the insurance isn't a problem I am going to drive it.