Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our bus overfloweth.

The youth from our church are going on a mission trip to the western part of the state. I am one of 4 adults who are going with them. I really thought we would have 4 or 5 kids. Well we ended up with more kids going then would fit in our church minibus. I think that is really exciting.

This isn't a lets head to Busch Gardens for a fun day of fellowship kinda trip. This is a service trip. We will be painting a house and running a VBS for a very small church in the mountains. I am very excited to see so many kids who want to do something for someone else. It is always easy to get kids to sign up for the rock climbing, roller coaster riding, band playing, have fun kind of youth activities. But these kids signed up knowing it was going to be work.  Now don't get me wrong we will have fun too. The kids know that. They also know we will be getting up early and working till late. They are excited. They didn't just sign up they overflowed the bus LOL.

So that said I will be gone all next week. Pray for our youth. Pray for me. Pray for poor Dan who is stuck here feeding all my animals. With out his support I couldn't do half the things I do!



  1. "Without his support I couldn't do half the things I do!" I am forever saying those very same words about my husband!

    I'm excited about the overflowing bus, too. Have fun, be safe, bond with the kids, bless the people you minister to and be blessed yourself!

  2. I was wondering why you hadn't answered my text!! LOL helps to read stuff doesn't it. Hope you guys have a great time and call me when you get home and revised...