Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Intentions aka Smiley Face Ballooons and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I always have "good intentions". I am really a very thoughful person.  What I am not is a person of follow through. A friend recently shared something that difficult was going on in her life. Later that day I was at the store and saw a card that made me think of her. I bought the card. I bought a coffee cup with the "perfect" saying on it.I filled the cup with hershey's kisses (cause everything is made better with chocolate) and......... 

a week later it is still sitting on my counter to be dropped off.

Yesterday I was out looking for chickens. No luck by the way but I will find some.  When I got home there was a smiley face balloon and a container with a few chocolate covered strawberries in it.  It had a note attached that said "Just something to brighten your day".  Nothing big. Just a balloon and few strawberries. It made my day. Not because I love chocolate covered strawberries (but I do!) but because she went out of her way to lift my day.

We all know the old saying and where good intentions get you don't we?  I think instead of being a thoughtful person I will work on being an uplifting person.  And I think I will go deliver the cup of hershey's kisses.



  1. Okay does my plan to be uplisting Vs. thoughtful count if I really try but can't deliver it today like I wanted? LOL I will take it to bible study intead because taking it to her work isn't an option even though that was my plan:(