Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tornado? What tornado?

So yesterday the town I live in was hit really hard by a tornado. A tornado. In Gloucester. That is just so messed up.  I grew up in tornado alley.  I spent most of my life in cellars and having tornado drills in school. I thought that moving to Virginia I wouldn't have to deal with tornados. We have hurricanes but not tornados.

When this storm hit we were watching a movie we had recorded.  Then the power went out.  We were like great no power. We got a box of cards and Dan and Caitie were playing War. Then the phone rang. It was Marie wanting to know if we were okay.

"Are you okay, do you have any damage from the tornado?"

Tornado? What tornado? I can't believe a tornado came through and I didn't even hear it. The closest damage was about a mile down the road from my house. There have been 3 reported deaths. The damage is huge. One of the counties two middle schools is destroyed.

My heart breaks for the families who have been affected by this.  There are those who lost homes and property. Those who lost loved ones. Those who have lost their sense of security.

It was scary. That is for sure but we have one picture that says it all:

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