Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picture Day

Today was picture day in the chicken coop. I haven't posted any pics since they were all tiny little babies. I tell you what though they don't make it easy to get any good shots. You would think they would at least have the good manors to stay still for just one minute.

These are pictures of the standard size chickens I have. Once they get old enough to lay I will probably have about 10 eggs a day. Just about 2 more months.

The rooster is one of the ones my friend Kim hatched for me.

This is also one of the ones Kim hatched.

The reds are Red Stars. Great layers once they get old enough.

This is a leg horn roo. I have a he and a she both were hatched at a local school.

Here is the she.

This a New Hampshire Red chicken.

The next set of pictures are my bantams. These are barnyard mixes. All she could tell me are that she had bantam americanas, silkies, and cochens in there. They are smaller chickens. Their eggs are edible but they are small eggs. They say roughly 3 bantam eggs make 2 regular eggs. I am not sure about that cause I have never had these before.  What I don't know for sure is if these are pullets or roos.

Not sure what this one is.

This one is at least part Americana.

Here are some cochen mixes.

More cochen mixes and one of my four guinea hens.

Here is my old english bantam mille fluer.

Another shot of my Americana.

Here is my favorite of them all. I have no idea what it is but it is SOOOOOO soft.

Another Americana mix.


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  1. Oooh--I like the soft-looking one! The mystery chicken :-)