Thursday, August 11, 2011

Angus and His Abs for Daaays

When the kids were small I used to love to watch kids shows with them.

I loved Blue's Clues. (with Steve of course)

We watched Stanley's Great Big Book of Everything.

I have mentioned my very favorite that I still watch on occasion called Peep and the Big Wide World.

As the kids have grown older there have been a a few shows that I have enjoyed but for the most part I miss the days when we watched cartoons.

I have enjoyed I-Carly and Good Luck Charly is pretty funny.

I do like Phineas and Ferb but that is a cartoon.

But the other day I watched something that just flat out cracked me up. I am going to link to it. So far no one but Timothy seems to think it is as funny as I do but everytime I watch this I laugh so for your viewing pleasure I introduce to you..... Angus and his Abs for Daaaayss.


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  1. Okay---My confession. Blues Clues with good old Steve came on while I was in college. And I watched it. Then, not now while I have kids. I thought he was hilarious and I still think he's the best children's TV host ever. Those ones he does with the sock puppet still crack me up. I also have a very strict anti-Joe rule in the house.

    Peep and the Big Wide World, now that's on my list of shows that I'd watch without kids. Also Word Girl on PBS, but you probably haven't seen that because your kids missed it. One of the bad guys on that show is Lady Redundant Woman. Yeah, I find that hilarious :-)