Thursday, August 25, 2011

You're So Vain

I feel like someone should be playing that song for me this weekend. I know that Hurricane Irene is not about me but boy oh boy I feel like it is. She took a shift to the west last night and that was not a good thing.

Of all the possible weekends for a visit from a hurricane it had to be this weekend. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal. Secure the stuff in the yard, load up most of the animals, turn the chickens loose (not my preference but I have no way to transport 30 chickens) so they can get to higher ground if they need to, pack and hook up the camper, load up the kids and head inland. Sounds simple enough isn't it? But with me is anything ever just simple? Nope with me it has to be complicated.

Not this weekend. We are supposed to be headed to DC for the Women of Faith conference. Okay no problem I just won't go. Ummm I am driving the minibus and I am the only person on the church insurance to drive it so if I don't go that means a complete reorganization of the trip. We can come back early hoping to miss most of the storm but that leaves Dan to get everything ready. So guilty for making everyone change plans or guilty for leaving Dan to handle everything. What a choice. Okay well even if we could just pack up and leave no schedules to deal with my mom is supposed to fly in on Sunday. Will her flight be delayed? Should she change it? I have no idea.

I know hurricane Irene isn't about me but I can't help thinking of all the weekends why does it have to be on the one weekend this summer that messes with my life the most?

Yep I'm that vain.


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