Saturday, August 27, 2011

The calm before the storm.

I am just sitting here listening to the rain trying to enjoy the beginnings of the storm without worrying about what comes later. It is so wonderful right now. The rain is falling. I hear it tapping on my tin roof. I don't know that I ever saw a tin roof growing up (other than on a trailer) but they are the most wonderful things ever!

There are crickets outside chirping like crazy. You would think I would find that annoying since it is the reason I am up so early but I don't. I love the sound of crickets! I just can't sleep through them. If the chirping was constant I would be okay but that occasional chirp is what wakes me up.

I know I have said this before but this is my most favoritest time of day. When I am the only one up. My house is quiet except for natural sounds like rain, crickets, and my fingers on the keyboard (LOL) and everyone else is sound asleep. All the people I love most in this world are right here where they are supposed to be.

Sitting here right now it is hard to believe that in just a few hours we will be leaving this house and praying it is still here tomorrow.  I am okay either way. The one thing I learned from having the fire in the house is that I can build a new house with a red tin roof. I can replace almost every material thing I own. My family and I will be safe and snug in town and whatever happens to the house happens.

I knew that the kids were worried. Before this storm started to weaken yesterday they were predicting a Cat 2 hurricane blowing right over the top of my house. I told each of them to pack up a small bag of things they they would truly be sad over if they were destroyed. Each kid picked a few things. Caitie her figurine collections and her piggy bank collection, Timothy his Xbox and his knife collection (what can I say he is a 13 year old boy),  Dan had already decided what to do with his guns (what can I say he is a 42 year old redneck LOL) and I wandered through looking at everything; wondering what I would miss if Irene took it all with her.

In the end all I want are my pictures. The visual reminders of the life we have created for ourselves here. Reminders of birthday parties, school assemblies, church plays, and growing up. Growing up for Timothy and Caitie, growing up for me and Dan. I love this life we have created here. This family we have created here. None of it is connected to the house or the stuff.

Knowing that. Realizing what is important. That is why I can enjoy this morning. Why I can feel such peace in the calm before the storm.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  Philippians 4:6

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