Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do I want some plants?

Today my friend Dotti called me. She said she was done fighting the deer and was having her husband mow her flower garden. Now that might not seem like such a big huge deal unless you had ever seen her flower gardens. Years of work have gone into these flower gardens. I knew the deer were being a nuisance to her. I knew they were grazing in her gardens but I never dreamed she would really give up.

So the question was did I want some plants. Did I want some plants! Of course I wanted some plants. I really do hate working outside in the yard. I go back and forth between wanting a Better Homes and Gardens type yard and wanting to sell the house and buy a condo so I don't even have a yard. So do you want some plants was like asking me do you want to weigh 125. Of course I do I just don't want to do the work needed to get there.  So now what I have is a pick up truck bed FULL of plants. I mean FULL. But what I don't have is a place to put them. And it is hot out there. Yuck! And I would have to like till and dig and weed and plant. Double Yuck! So I am waiting until Dan gets home. He can till for me and then maybe I can at least manage to plant them.

Here is a list of what she gave me as best as I can remember:

Salvia Guaranitica also called Black and Blue
2 or 3 kinds of ground cover that I can't remember the name of
Sedum Autumn Joy
A baptista plant
Some fern like plant I don't remember the name of.
An ornamental grass that blooms bright red.
Tons of tall phlox
Some Lamb's Ear
Black Eyed Susans
A Dogwood tree
Some yellow day lilies
Cone Flowers
Purple Basil
Bee Balm

I am sure there are others. I am not even sure what all is there. I am also pretty sure that I will never be able to remember what plant is what. If things live until next year when they bloom I should be able to sort it out. Who knows maybe I will get that Better Homes and  Garden yard after all.


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  1. Cone flowers are my favorite. They truly are magnificent.

    I'm a thoroughly avid gardener in April and May and a totally absent gardener in July and August. I don't have gardens any more; I have jungles of weeds. But, in September, everything will look neat and tidy just in time to die and then in April and May I'll be out planting like crazy.