Friday, August 5, 2011

Have you seen the price of groceries lately?

I know the price of groceries have been creeping up lately but yesterday it seemed like they forgot about creeping and sky rocketed.

Sugar is now 3 dollars a bag and flour is 2 dollars a bag both store brand. Land o' Lakes butter is over 4 dollars a pound. I know I have said I was going to start using coupons but I am not sure if that would be enough to even bring our grocery bill down to normal.

Today I am going to head across the bridge to try a few grocery stores to see if I can find any place any cheaper. I am going to go to Bottom Dollar Foods and see what it is like. I have never been there but when I was over there a couple of days ago I saw it. I have checked and I see that they take coupons so that is a plus.

I am not sure where else to go so if anyone has any ideas where I can try next week let me know.  Also if anyone has found any ways to save money on groceries that info would be appreciated as well.


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