Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursdays: The view from my backdoor.

I love mornings when it isn't so hot. I have a tiny little coffee deck I built on the back of my house. It is just big enough for a table and two chairs plus Dan's grill and smoker. I only get a small window of time twice year that I really get to enjoy it. Early spring and fall are about the only times it is cool enough and the bugs aren't too bad. But this morning it feels nice outside. I stepped out on my deck to check the bug situation (still too many to sit out there long) and just took in what I could see.

I love the idea of my land being productive. What I don't love is the money it would take to buy a tractor and the other things needed to farm it. We are only big enough to be a hobby farm and I don't have that kind of spare cash to invest in a hobby right now. Maybe someday but not now.  So what we do is we have a local farmer farm it. It gives me the joy of seeing the land be productive, makes Dan happy cause he doesn't have to mow all that cleared space back there, and it makes the farmer happy. Win win win!

Anyway he alternates crops and this year is soy beans. Not my favorite crop. I like when he does corn because having a huge corn field out back just feels like country but the soy beans are pretty this year.

So as I stood there I looked at my field full of soy beans, my cherry tomato plant that is doing wonderful, the shed that Dan and his dad built a couple years ago, the farm house out behind ours that a young couple is restoring, and I thought I LOVE the view from my backdoor!

I took these picture this morning

I took this one first with the camera on my phone. Then I realized there wasn't enough light.

By the time I went back out with  my camera to take this one the beautiful sky had passed.

Here is my list from my thankfulness journal this week:

Good coffee
Growing chickens
A check in the mail
Obligations met
Bedroom cleaned
School Schedules
Jobs found
Fun plans
Crazy Husbands
Verses learned

Hope you all have a peace filled day!


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