Sunday, August 7, 2011

Remember when...

All these pages are popping up all over Facebook. Remember in ________ when... You know you grew up in _______ when...  I guess I am not the only one who gets kinda nostalgic on occasion. I get something that borders on homesick ever so often. The thing that keeps me from convincing Dan we need to move back to Texas is that I know I am not really homesick for Quanah. I am not homesick for my family or friends. What I am is homesick for a simpler time. Time when all these Remember whens happened.

The world is changing. It already has changed in some really big ways. You can't turn the clock back and make things the way they used to be but boy oh boy sometimes I wish I could. I haven't joined any of those groups. I am not sure why. If I had a good reason I would share it but I don't. So I decided I would make my own list here.  Now I know that most of you who read this couldn't find Quanah on a map with a magnifying glass and so none of this will mean diddly to you. But I bet you will see bits of where ever you grew up in my list where ever that was.

  • Role call in school when you had to say where you were eating. Your choices were buying, home, Als.
  • Walking to Al's then Edna's for lunch.
  • Spiderswinging  on the swings at recess.
  • Sitting out in the concrete tubes at recess talking.
  • Riding bikes all over town just so you were home before the street lights came on.
  • Walking home from school everyday.
  • Vanilla Cream Cokes and Sunrise Special burritos from Ken's.
  • Shopping at M.E. Moses cause it was the only choice.
  • Pooling together all of our change to go make drags.
  • Making drags in general.
  • Hanging out at the softball field.
  • Swimming in the city pool.
  • Half the teachers at the High School being someone in my classes' parent.
  • Swimming at Copperbreaks State park.
  • Showing up an hour early for school at the football field to practice marching band.
  • Pep Rally's on Fridays.
  • State in Football!
  • Rodeo Dances.
  • Trying my hand at waiting tables at Red's.
  • Working at Sonic forever.

I don't know what Quanah is like now to be honest with you it was 13 years ago the last time I was there. And let me tell you it hurt to drive through there. Stores were closed, houses were empty, and it just made me sad. I have friends who still live there. I know they are hopeful the town will stay alive. What I do know is that then it was good place to grow up.


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