Monday, August 15, 2011

Shall We Gather at the River

Yesterday August 14, 2011 (take note of the date by the way) both Timothy and Caitie were baptized in our church's annual river baptism service. Both had asked to baptized before then but I was a bit hesitant. As I told our youth pastor... I don't think you should go baptizing people all willy-nilly you need to make sure it means something first. So finally I decided they really got what it meant. We reached this place with Caitie almost a year ago but she wanted to wait for the river baptism. Timothy was a bit more hesitant. He attended a friends river baptism last year and right before he was baptized he was bit by a crab. but in the end he decided the river would be okay.

Here are Timothy and Pastor Mike right before he goes under.

Here he is going under.

Here are Caitie and Pastor Mike right before.

And here she is on the way under. I love this shot!

But here is something you may not know. A few days before Jennifer called me and pointed something out to me I didn't realize:

On August 14, 2001 (yes that is exactly 10 years to the day ) here Dan and I are at the river baptism.

There are me and Dan and Pastor Mike in the same river 10 years earlier.

Here we are afterwards with the Deathridge's who moved shortly after this.

I think that is really neat. I really had no idea when we set this up that it was going to work out like that but I think it is awesome.


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  1. Praising God for your children's decision to serve God and name Jesus their Lord and Savior! How memorable that you were all 'immersed' in the same water! Wendy