Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer summer where have you gone? Come on Fall!

I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by. It has been the fastest summer yet I think. Seems like just yesterday I was trying to decide if I should quit my job and stay home with the kids all summer. Now here it is almost time for school to start and me to go back to work. Time does indeed fly.

I have some really mixed feelings about it. Part of me hates to see the summer end and the kids go back to school. Part of me is so ready for the sense of order and schedule that comes with school and work. Plus I am so so tired of being hot. I am ready for it to cool off and for the leaves to change.

But I am always ready for fall. I so wish I could find a place where it is Fall all year. Not possible I  know. You can't get the beautiful colorful leaves of the fall with out the dead of winter or the buds of spring.... and the heat of summer.

Okay truth is I love Fall and I like Winter and I like Spring so truth is what I would really like is a year with 3 seasons. Just no summer. That would work. I bet I can even find a place like that.

But for right now it is still summer. I have two weeks then it will be back to the real world for all of us.


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