Monday, August 1, 2011

Dollars and Sense.

About this time last year Dan and I were watching one of the NASCAR races when a commercial for Rent-a-Center or Aarons or some other rent to own place came on.

Get this flat screen TV for only $40 per week it said.

"$40 dollars per week!" I exclaimed.
"I wonder if they realize that is $160 a month for a TV?" I pondered.
"What kind of doofus would pay $160 per month to watch television?" I asked.

At that moment Dan and I looked at each other and I know we had the same thought at the same moment. "How much was our cable bill?" ummm I guess we were the doofi.

Unfortunately I can't say that we came to our senses. We just kinda ignored that little revelation and prayed that Dave Ramsey never showed up on our doorstep and asked how our money maker over was going.  We continued to pay the cable bill each  month.  At some point over the last year it even creeped up a bit just a small bit. About $20 dollars a month. We didn't change our plan at all. Didn't add any services. The price just creeped.

Well today I finally had enough. I decided I was tired of being the doofus who paid now $180 per month to watch television.  So I called the cable company. We negotiated. We went back and forth. I threatened to switch to Direct TV. It wasn't an empty threat at that point.  Finally almost an hour later... minus the sports pak I didn't know we had and never watch and the land line we never ever ever answer and we are down to $112 per month.  Still a lot but it includes our internet and I got to keep my DVR :) 

While I am sure Dave Ramsey would say cancel it all together, I am telling myself he would be proud.


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  1. Yay you!! I'm going to have to fight with them. I have bare bones cable, the slowest internet, the only perk I have is long distance and we're up to $97 now. Ugh!