Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pinball Wizard

No this isn't some crazy blog tribute to The Who although I have to admit all I had to do was type in the title and the song is running through my head.

Great... one more pinball.

I am having another one of those mornings where I just can't seem to slow my thoughts down enough to catch one of them. They are bouncing around in my head like a punch of pinballs.  Yep complete with bells, whistles, and really loud buzzers. When I have one of these days there isn't much I do about it except kinda go with the flow and play a little pinball. The thing is if you have ever played a game of pinball with more than one ball in play at a time you know chances are you will lose both balls. That is what tends to happen to me. I end up losing all my thoughts while trying to keep them all in play.  So I decided I would just let them all bounce around in there a while this morning and see what happens.

So here are some examples of what is going on in there (I must forewarn you a look inside my head might be a bit scary for small children and cute fuzzy animals):

1. Where am I going to find a good  bible study for next fall. I am not sure there are a few options but I am just not sure yet which I am going to do.

2. Children's Church, Children's Church, Children's Church. Nough said.

3. If your children truly do learn by example mine are pretty much screwed.

4. When am I ever going to get this house manageable? Okay, I know it isn't that bad right now. If someone called and said they were headed over I could have it presentable before they got here (one of the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere) but I am so tired of it going from picked up to disaster to picked up to disaster to picked up to disaster sometimes all in the same day. This is wearing me out!

5. School work. Once again enough said.

6. One of the stupid dogs was out again today. If I didn't think it would break my children's heart (which I don't understand because they never mess with the dogs anyway) I would get rid of all of them. Well other than Kaya cause she is mine. But she is the one who was out so what would that accomplish?

7. I really need to get back to my thankfulness journal. I have been very very spotty this summer.

8. Speaking of a spotty summer, why do we (notice I said we, not calling anyone out without including myself) check out of church in the summer? Do we think God is on vacation all summer?  Is there some scripture I missed that says "Do not forsake fellowship with other Christians except when it is hot outside and everyone is out on the river anyway"

9. I really need to be practicing my clarinet. I wanted to be able to play again but this stupid flubbery lip isn't going to go away if I don't practice.  Oh and piano lessons on youtube might be fun. Or I could use Caitie's guitar. I bet there are guitar lessons on youtube. Crap I was supposed to sign Caitie up for lessons and I forgot.

10. I have a lot of kids at my house. I like that.

11. My clothes are out of control. Straight up no more buying something cause it is a buck. Like my friend Marie said "Doesn't matter if it only costs $2 if you don't wear it you paid $2 too much" I love Marie.

12. I am actually doing pretty good with Heather's memory verse challenge. This is the first time I have really worked to memorize scripture and I like it.

13. I am going to be really sad for Timothy when the Sandovals leave for Ohio next week. Sucks to have your best friend move away. I predict a really rough week.

14. Speaking of Timothy he is really enjoying Karate. I am glad but we have made it very clear to him that while the summer lessons where part of his birthday present and if he wants to continue he will have to earn them with no zeros and a good attitude.

15. The cat just tried to jump up on the computer desk and knocked off a stack of blank CDs . A 100 pack. The lid popped off and bright shiny light reflecting Cds went everywhere. It was like a rock concert light show in here for about a second. Ya'll shoulda seen it.

16. I should have already taken care of my chickens by now. It will be hot by the time I get out there cause I waited. Oh well thats what I get for getting on the computer first.

17. I am not sure where my mom is going to sleep for the 2 weeks she is here. I turned my guest room into an office. I guess in all my furniture moving around I can put one of Caitie's twin beds in there for her since she wants to get rid of them and sleep on a couch. Yep you heard me my daughter wants to sleep on a couch instead of a bed. In her room but still she wants a couch. She is a nut.

18. Had someone call me about a job yesterday. One I am NOT qualified for. They tried to convince me I am. I thought that was odd. Doesn't it usually go the other way?

19. Is anyone even still reading cause let me tell you I could keep going.

20. Montana (thanks Lori).

21. Politics, Politics, Politics. Again enough said.

22. What do you guys think about this whole solar flare thing NASA is reporting on? Here is one of the links Nasa says Solar Storms to peak in 2013. I chose that one because it isn't a scary article. Just the facts and only the facts. Other science journals are predicting everything from loss of power to the end of the world. Seems if we get too many solar flares pointed straight at earth it will block our satellites, cut off communication, and cause black outs that could last for years. Hmmm interesting.

23. I just want to point out that when I said in a previous blog  tips to avoid messing up the space time continuum that I knew what to do in case of a Natural Disaster due to all my B rated scifi movie watching adventures.... the answer is always a nuclear bomb so you might not want to actually depend on my to save the planet.  Just saying.

24. I just paid almost 50 dollars for a new biblea couple days ago. The cat used the back of it to sharpen his claws at some point last night. Yea.

25. Speaking of the river (I did in #8 remember) both my kids are being baptiszed (I put the s and z in there cause I couldn't decide which it was and it was easier to just put both) in the river this Sunday!

26. I could do this all day but it isn't getting my chickens fed, my house picked up, my shower taken, breakfast cooked, errands run, or any other such useful thing.

Now don't you wish this had of been a simple little blog tribute to The Who?



  1. I agree with Marie---not just about clothes, but about everything. A deal is only deal if what you get you actually use. Otherwise, you could have saved your $2.

    Very cool about the baptism on Sunday for your kids!

    Sorry about your new Bible. Thank goodness for Bible covers.

    Also, very cool about the verse memorization. I just started looking at a Bible Study for the fall late last night (long story) that includes verses to memorize. I thought that was a plus.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with number 8. God is on vacation, maybe? I'm thankful for our online study, but I miss people!

  3. I have said I was going to start memorizing scripture many times before but this is the first time I have actually worked to do it. I can't believe the difference it has made in how quick the verse comes to mind when I need it.

    Of course the one that keeps coming to mind for me is the first one I did:

    Philippians 4:6
    Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be make know to God.

    That is kind of a multipurpose verse when you are a worrier LOL