Friday, August 5, 2011

Where Oh Where did common sense go? Where Oh Where can it be?

So after my time today searching for cheaper groceries (which I did not find by the way) I went to the Lifeway Book Store and to be honest with you if the cashier weren't so nice she would have kinda ticked me off.

First, Caitie wanted to buy Tobymac's book "City on Our Knees". It was on sale for $3.95. Usually a $20 book. There was a display of them as you walk in the door. Caitie grabbed on and tossed it in the basket.

I was looking for a new bible (cause you know having 6 isn't enough). I have found that I like a different translation a little better than the one I use now so I have been meaning to buy one. Anyway the one I wanted was on sale.

So here is what happened. First of all I asked the cashier if I could use my 30% off coupon on the Bible even though it was on sale. Sometimes with Lifeway you can, sometimes you can't. She said "I am not sure let me try it and see".

Once she was finished the total seemed a little high to me. So I asked her about it. She said "It is probably the tobymac book. You know, you could get that for $3.95 instead of $20". "I know" I said, "That is why we got it". "Oh this one isn't $3.95" she said, "This one is $20. See, it doesn't have the little on sale tag on it so it is regular price". "Ooookayy" I say. "Is this book just like that book or is there a difference?"  "Oh they are the same" she replies. "But since it doesn't have the sticker it is $20. We must have missed that one." She then proceeds to explain that if we go get a different book (that is the same) and put that one back she will take it off and charge us $3.95. So we do.

Then I asked her how much the bible was with the 30% off. Oh it was $45 dollars with the percentage off so it was cheaper on sale. Okay can I use my coupon on the next expensive item? "No", she sweetly explains it can only be used on one item and she already used it on the bible. Huh? It was more with the coupon but she used it anyway? What?

Anyway, needless to say by the time we left I was a bit confused, kinda tired, and I am pretty sure I paid too much for something I am just not sure what.

She sure was sweet though.


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