Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Man am I crafty!

So this week I am trying to learn something new. This all started back when I was looking for a picture of the saying in one of my old blogs Use It Up Wear It Out Make It Do Or Do Without.

That got me to thinking that I want to learn to embroidery.  I tried crosstitching a while back but when I was little years ago my grandmother taught me to embroidery. I don't remember much that she showed me but I think maybe it will come back to me. I have watched a couple videos on youtube and those stitches came back to me pretty fast. I have a friend here who embroiders and she has offered to help if I need it.

I am going to try small projects to see if that works. Who knows maybe I will actually finish something.

I have so many things I want to try to do. I want to learn to knit, I want the relearn to crochet, I want to try making cards with stamps. I want to pick scrapbooking back up. I would love to take painting lessons again. I really wish there was a place to do ceramics around here. Truth is I just love crafts! Or is it the stuff to do crafts I love? As Patsy Clairmont said at a Women of Faith conference years ago "I am not a crafter, I am a collector of crafting supplies."


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