Monday, August 22, 2011

My mom is coming time to dig out my sewing machine.

My mom will be here Sunday night. She will be here for almost 2 weeks.  I already have a ton of plans for us. What are we going to do you might ask. Head to Busch Gardens, Go shopping at the Outlet Mall? Take a trip up to DC? Nope none of that. I have sewing to do... well sewing to be done anyway. My mom will be the one who actually sews. I even have a machine. I bought just for occasions such as this. That is right. I own a sewing machine for my mom to use when she comes to visit.

She has made curtains, hemmed drapes, made clothes and all kinds of stuff when she comes here.  I dug out my machine to get it ready for her visit and it still has the thread in it from that last time she was here. Who knows maybe this time I will take the time to actually learn to use the machine myself.

By the way my machine doesn't look like the one pictured but I wish it did :) My great grandmother had one like this in her bedroom and I loved to play with the pedal.



  1. That.Is.Awesome. If she wants to make my some gypsies skirts too, I'd pay :)

  2. She used to sew for money. I wish I had enough skill in that area to do it.

  3. Can't wait to meet her. I have a boat load of fabric here. Let me know when she is done with your stuff and I will bring it over. Is this what is known as a working vacation?

  4. She has promised to bring her labels so anything she makes will have a designer tag LOL

  5. I have sewing she could do, too. Tell her to move out here and start up a shop :-)

  6. If only Heather if only. I have been trying for years.