Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lessons from the garden.

I am not sure why it is that some of my biggest revelations come in the garden. Maybe it is because the only sounds out there are natural sounds. I have tried to have "quiet time"  in the house with no electronics on. Then it is unnaturally quiet and I can't think  because I am distracted by the silence.   The garden is quiet but not silent. That is the only answer I have for why I can think clearly there.

I have decided that I will do a series on the things I learn from the garden.  Believe me when I say that God meets me there and this seems to be where I learn and grow along with the plants.

So today I am going to write about choices. We make choices all day everyday.  Sometimes it is choosing right over wrong. Sometimes it is choosing good over bad. Sometimes it is just this or that.  But sometimes to get a good end result we have to choose things we don't want.  Like to have a clean house we choose to stay home and do housework instead of going to lunch with a friend. (sorry Wild Rabbit I wanted to eat one of your delicious sandwiches today)

Anyone who gardens knows you have to control the weeds if you want a successful harvest. So here comes the first choice. To weed or not to weed. I don't want to. It isn't the fun part of gardening. But if I want the harvest I have to choose to weed.

Second choice. I can work in the garden in the afternoon when I have extra time in my day or I can  find another time to do it.  Sounds like a simple choice doesn't it. Nope! The one thing I dislike above all other things is to be hot. Summer is not my friend. If I do it when it is convienent then I will be hot. So.... find another time. When would that be. Well either early morning before the heat or in the evening after the heat.  Okay well I hate to get up in the morning so lets go with evening.  Anyone ever heard of no-see-ums? They are tiny little annoying gnats that come out at dusk. They bite. Especially in the hair line.  Remember when I said I dislike being hot above all other things? Well no-see-ums trump heat.  So now what?

Heat, no-see-ums, or getting up early. No good choice. But if I want a good harvest I must choose one of them. So I grudgingly choose early. I don't like it. I am not happy about it.

Yesterday was my first day of early. I went out and did some yard work. Came back in and it wasn't horrible. I went out today and realized how beautiful the morning was. I am up. Wide awake and ready to start my day. Who knew?

Plus how can it be a bad morning even if it is early when you see new beans sprouted and you get to come in with warm eggs!  What a great way to begin the day!


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