Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 27 of 30 Days of Thankfulness (Cats)

I had a whole nother post planned for today but have you ever had a thought that was brewing and it is in there churning and it just isn't ready yet?  This thought/idea isn't ready for other people yet or at least I am not ready to share it with everyone.  So I was sitting here petting one cat watching the other one outside playing and trying to decide what I would write about while I let my other thought stew.  Then I realized I am thankful for these cats who are such a part of my day sometimes I don't even notice how wonderful they are.

I had a cat that I loved. His name was Newton and he used all 9 lives. That poor cat was just as beat up as you can imagine.  His three closest calls were when we rescued him from the pound (not a no kill shelter), when he got in the car on a REALLY hot day and we didn't know it and shut him up in there, and when he disappeared for 2 weeks after a bad storm. He came home with his back end crushed and the muscle in one leg atrophied.  But that was years before we lost him. He just kept on going.  Then about 2 years ago he was gone. We have no idea where he was just gone. I kept waiting for him  to come back like when he took the 2 week walk about but it didn't happen.  So I said "NO MORE CATS.  They won't stay in the house and then they get hurt or killed and I can't take it so NO MORE!"

Then a friend from work said her daughter had rescued a cat only to discover she was pregnant. So she needed homes for the babies. I looked at the picture of the kittens she posted on the bulletin board at work for days before I went and got Tonka.  His name is an Native American word for big feet and his paws were HUGE!  Right now he is sleeping in the window happily and everyone who has heard me talk about him knows he is my baby!

Then last winter (the one a year ago not the one that just passed) we had a calico that showed up under our porch.  I told the kids not to feed her.  If you feed her she will stay. She has a home. She needs to go back to it. DO NOT FEED THE CAT! Then we had that all that snow.  It was strange for here to have so much snow so late.  So I said fine go get the cat and bring her in.  Caitie insisted she was a boy and wanted to name her Steve. I insisted the cat was a girl because Calico's are girls 99% of the time. I have actually only seen one male calico ever (shout out to Bama) and they are crazy rare. But the whole time the cat got used to us she called her Steve. Finally she warmed up to us and decided we were okay. I checked and yep it's a girl.  So she is now called Stevie. And Stevie, who sleeps with Caitie at night, is outside doing her cat thing. Looks like she is hunting. Voles I think based on what she is doing.  She is the sweetest cat.

I like our dogs. Dogs are great. But I LOVE my cats!


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