Monday, April 11, 2011

The He-Man chicken haters club.

I have friends who have chickens and friends who are planning to have chickens but they are all women. I go to the chicken swap every time they have one and most of the shoppers and the sellers are women. Now don't get me wrong there are a few men but mostly... women.

Dan fought my urge for chickens for years. Eleven to be exact before he finally caved and helped me set up a coop.  One of the husbands at the swap on Saturday said to us "I am just here to build coops and haul cages if you try to talk chickens to me my eyes glaze over."  Dan and he talked a bit commiserating about their wife's chicken obsessions.

Now that all my chickens are gone I am on a chicken hunt. A friend who has chickens and an incubator has offered to try to hatch the eggs that I had collected the few days before the "great chicken catastrophe of spring 2011" as Caitie calls it.  We don't know if any will hatch as they weren't collected and tended as hatching eggs but we will see.  As she was setting up her incubators her husband walked in. She said he looked at her and said "What are you doing" She said "I am going to try to hatch 20 more eggs."  His response..."They better not be for us!"

I told Dan they should start a club for the husbands of the crazy chicken ladies of Gloucester.  He agreed and said they should call it the "He-Man Chicken Haters Club". Not that he really hates the chickens that just sounds catchier than the "My Wife is a Crazy Chicken Lady Club".


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