Friday, July 22, 2011

Have modern conveniences become necessities?

It is hot. Straight up no doubt about it HOT!

Now I could go into the whole thing about how it is hotter in Texas but is more bearable because it is a dry heat but unless you have experienced both you can't understand how 98 can feel hotter than 110.

But that is not what I am thinking about this morning.  I am thinking how hot it feels in my house. I am thinking about how high my electric bill is going to be because the air is running 24/7. I am thinking about the 22 people they are saying died because of the heat wave that has swept across the country. 

I am thinking about my grandmother and those who came before her. Those who had never heard of air conditioning. Those who lived without ceiling fans, box fans, or any other type of cooling.  Those who lived without refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. That sounds horrible. Those who lived without television, internet, or cell phones. Okay that doesn't sound anywhere near as horrible.

Did people die then from the heat? I am sure they did. But I am betting they dealt with it much better than we do. I think about the grit that women used to have.  Have you ever seen documentaries about the wagon trains that headed west? Let me tell that took a toughness I can't even fathom.

This will sound odd but I this is the thought I can't get out of my head. Can you imagine being on a wagon train in 110 degree weather with the dust and the dirt and the lack of food. All your worldly goods riding beside you in a wagon. Fearing everyone might not make it. Fearing Indian attacks or animal attacks or illness. All while having PMS? Can you imagine "that time of the month" without our modern feminine hygiene products while on a wagon train?  It is a wonder there weren't women who went on rampages and killed the entire wagon trail party.

Remote controls, cordless phones, stores open 24/7, riding mowers, all these things have made our lives easier. Made us lazier. Made us weaker. Somehow along the way I think we have lost that grit that people used to have. Is it better now? Is it worse now? I don't know. Now is now and this is when we live.


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