Monday, May 2, 2011

Memorable Moment Monday (The Big House)

So today I was thinking about all the things I remember from when I was small and trying to decide what I wanted to write about.  That got me to thinking.... Have you ever wondered if you ACTUALLY remember something or if you have just heard the story so often you think you remember it?  I have a couple of things in particular that are like that. When I was small I got gasoline in my eyes.  Now there are things from that age that I do remember no doubt and I will write about them in a minute since they are today's topic.  But the gasoline thing I am not so sure about. If I close my eyes and think about it I get flashes of a paint brush in a red Folger's coffee can and sitting in front of a big swamp cooler so the cool air would blow on my eyes. I just can't decide if that is a memory of what happened or if I have heard the story of getting gas in my eyes so many times I have filled in the blanks in my mind.  Who knows just something to think about.

So on to today's Memorable Moment Monday.

My grandparents owned two houses in Rule. The two houses sat right next door to each other. One was little one was big. So being a family of huge imagination we dubbed them .... you got it "the little house" and "the big house".  We lived in both.  We started in the little house and them moved to the big house. I really don't remember living in the little house but I remember the big house well.  I really couldn't pick a memory to write about because as soon as I think about one a bunch flood back.  So here is a list of things I remember from the big house.

  • Big flowered wallpaper.
  • My mom had the coolest laundry room in that house.
  • I remember stubbing my toe and my mom put me up on the dining room table and put peroxide on it and it bubbled.
  • I remember riding my big wheel on the sidewalk in front of that house.
  • There was a grape vine on the side of the house and I used to play under the grape vine.
  • I remember my grandfather (my mother's father) bringing me a doll for Christmas while we lived there. I think I got that big wheel I mentioned earlier the same Christmas.
  • I remember watching Sue walk to school from there.
  • I remember when Doug was born. I was so scared because they wouldn't let me see my mom. Somehow that memory is all tied up with my Dad and a hamburger and sneaking in to see her but I am not sure if they snuck me in to see her or snuck in a hamburger LOL what I do remember is that I wanted to run tell all the neighbors he was coming home and how glad I was to have my mom back home.
It is funny I was right around 4 when we moved from the big house but anytime I go back to Rule I have to drive by to see it. It is in horrible disrepair now. It probably needs to come down before too long but still when I drive by there or if I stop and prowl around it still feels like home.


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