Saturday, May 7, 2011

Short Lane Ice Cream Company

Okay if you know me very well you know I am not a big fan of ice cream. I don't hate it or anything but I am just not a big fan.  However, I have never turned down an invitation to Short Lane Ice Cream Company.  Short Lane makes all their ice cream in house. It is yummy yummy yummy!  But best of all they have all kinds of cool stuff for those of us who aren't head-over-heals for ice cream.

Like Gelato. Now where gelato is concerned I am a BIG fan. If you have never had any do yourself a favor, get in your car, drive to Short Lane and get some NOW! It is lighter than ice cream but still creamy and yummy. It reminds me of ice cream made in an old fashioned hand turned ice cream maker.
Or Italian Ices. Much better than any others anywhere around.  Really tasty.

So Timothy had been begging for Short Lane for days and we promised to go today so off we went. Caitie got Fatal Chocolate. Dan got Cookies and Cream, Timothy got Mint Choc. Chip all in waffle cones. Then here is where I messed up. I always get the same thing, Vanilla Gelato.   I decided to be adventurous. I got butter brickle in a waffle cone. It was good. I enjoyed it. But I wanted gelato.  I still want Gelato. I am guessing another trip to Short Lane will be in my future!

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