Thursday, May 5, 2011

It really is Thursday this time!

I am still laughing at my mistake last week when I posted Thankful Thursday on Friday. Honestly the weeks the kids don't have school on Monday I am discombobulated all week.  Anyway here it on Thursday this time.

I have chicks hatching! This is exciting for me for a few reasons.

1. My daughter doesn't call me a crazy chicken lady for nothing LOL I am excited to have more chicks!
2. These eggs came from the hens that the dog killed so I am glad to have their chicks that makes them really special to me.
3. My friend Kim is incubating them for me. This is such a neat thing she is doing for me. I didn't even ask her to do it she is the one who talked me into it. I didn't think there was a chance the eggs would hatch.  I am really thankful to have met her and to have had a chance to become friends with her. I hope I am able able to repay the favor some day.

Now on  to my list for this week.  Here are some things I wrote in my Thankfulness Journal this week.

☺Babies given a chance.
☺Children rescued.
☺Purple Flowers
☺Rocking chairs outside
☺A new fence
☺Clean MRIs for a friend
☺Bags for the shelter
☺Rain for the garden
☺Baby chicks hatched


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