Monday, May 9, 2011

Memorable Moment Mondays (Red Birds)

I have been surprised as I write the Monday blog each week how many of my memories are connected to my grandmother.  I spent a lot of time with her when I was little. I have nothing but wonderful memories from the time I spent at her house.

This morning as I was sitting out on my patio I was watching the birds. I have a huge collection of birds that live in my yard. Every morning is like a symphony out there.  I was watching a pair of cardinals play and that reminded me of her. She loved the "Red Birds" as she called them.  We have actual red birds here that are different than cardinals but in my mind when you say red bird I think of cardinals.

So as I was sitting outside this morning watching the cardinals thinking about how much she would have enjoyed them (if she actually had of slowed down enough to see them) I heard the rooster crow and that made me think of her. Then my mind drifted to the garden and all I need to do out there and that made me think of her also. I am not sure how many times people have heard me start off a thought with "My Mamaw always...."

I miss her. I am glad she went when she did, where she did, the way she did, but man I miss her.


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  1. The boys will have memories of cardinals. They love watching for them all winter. I love this blog! Red birds are awesome!