Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 in 30

3in30 Challenge

Everyone knows I am working on a plan for my time off from work.  A few weeks ago came across this blog where you choose three goals and work on them for a month. They have what they call "weekly link-ups" where once a week they post a blog about what they have done that week to reach their goal.  I LOVE accountability so I decide to jump in and join thier challenge. I didn't post the first couple weeks as I was watching and figuring out how things work.

I am not sure if I will "link-up" with the main group or not since there is some tweeting that comes with it and one of my goals for the summer is LESS PHONE! I have spent so many years between Real Estate and Water Softners where my cell phone wasn't optional. Now that it is optional I only want it to ring when friends are calling to invite me to coffee :)So anyway I am a little iffy at this point with the link-ups but I decided it wouldn't hurt to share my plan here for accountability instead.

For me the hardest part of this challenge is narrowing my goals down to three. I thought about making it 9. You know with a theme of 3's. Three catagories with three goals in each LOL. The idea of only having 3 goals when I have about a million things to do is hard to stick to.  I am going to try though so here are my three for May. I have already been working on them and while I got it down to three I have to admit one of them was vague enough to kinda include a bunch of others (do you think that was cheating?).

  1. Get the house organized enough that the kids and I could play this summer.
  2. Weed and maintain the garden.
  3. Finish 1 class and complete my PCE application in school.

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