Friday, May 20, 2011

Sonnet 43

Today's blog is all about Dan so if you aren't into sappy sweet stuff you might as well stop reading right now

I used to know this woman who was constantly saying how wonderful her husband was... "Bob"cooked her breakfast that morning, "Bob" bought her the perfect gift. "Bob" got up at night with the kids. Your husband didn't take out the trash "Bob" would never forget. It was insane. So when "Bob" left her we were all like I knew it no man can actually be as perfect as "Bob".  This has caused me to always feel a need to add a qualifier when I talk about how wonderful Dan is. He isn't perfect. He hates to haul trash and forgets to add salt to the water softner. There I complained a bit so you will know I am not making the rest of this post up :)

I could give you a list about a mile long about how wonderful he is. It takes a man with the patience of Job to live with me. I know this. Dan has this way of handling my more insane moments in a way that levels me out. He never squashes my idea. It is like he grabs the tail end of the tornado and goes along for the ride.  But at the same time he doesn't forget that once I have blown through the idea I will be done with it. He has this calm way of pointing out all the details I skip over and of keeping me grounded.  He is there for the kids at their band concerts, games,  and other school functions. He helps around the house.  He loves his family.  He tolerates my animals. He has a wonderful work ethic. I seriously could keep going. I think after 14 1/2 years married I should be getting tired of him by now. Especially as hard as it is for me to stick with anything. I am not!

But none of the above stuff is what prompted this post. Nope of all the things I love about Dan none of the above are what I love most. What I love most is so simple. What I love most has nothing to do with grand gestures, money spent, trash hauled, or salt added to the water softner. What I love most about Dan is that he makes me smile. No matter how tired, irritated, frustrated, or crazy I may get he always makes me smile.

When I have one of "those" days. You know the kind. A day were my greatest wish would be to pack a small bag get in the car and drive far far away from all the craziness, bills, chores, people, kids, school, work and so on. Well when I have one of those days it is never Dan I want to leave behind. He has to come with me. If he didn't who would keep me grounded and who would make me smile?

♥ U Dan


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