Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Caitie!

Today is Caitie's 11th Birthday. 

Hard to believe my baby is going to be headed to middle school next year. I have such mixed feelings about this growing up thing.  I miss having little people running around.  I really like where we are though. It is fun having people in the house to hang out with.  Caitie is a really funny kid and that makes spending time with her fun. Truth is she is a lot like her dad.  I also thinking that it is all happening way too fast. I know how cliche' that sounds. How many times has someone said enjoy this while they are little they grow up so fast.  I know that while each stage was going on it felt like it would last forever. But as I look back it truly does feel like the years have flown by.  I am sure that the next few years will go by just as fast and I will be helping her pack for college before I know it.


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