Monday, May 16, 2011

I love good plan!

Today should be Memorable Moment Monday but I am having a hard time coming up with anything.  I think there is too much going on in the present today for me to focus on the past.

Dan starts his new job today. I made it through both kids birthdays without losing my mind. I got all those stupid clothes done. I do need to spend a bit of time to day putting the house back in order but for the most part my whole "holding pattern" issue is resolved. I have one month where I will be at home with no kids and today is all about creating a plan for how I am going to make use of that time. I know we can't realistically do nothing but play this summer but I don't want the whole summer to be me saying "No we can't do that I need to __________."

I also don't want to completely forget we have responsibilities and do nothing but play all summer. There is just as much danger of me doing that. However, what is likely to happen is for us to be on a see saw all summer. Today we can't do anything but work work work.  Today we do nothing but play! Today nothing but work! Today nothing but play! Up and down, up and down. That is kinda stressful and crazy so once again I am looking for some balance.

So today is the day. Today I get to make a plan for the summer. As I have said before, I do love a good plan. At least I love to make a good plan.  That reminds me of something Patsy Clairmont said at Women of
Faith a few years ago. She asked if anyone in the audience was a crafter. Then she said that she loved crafts. She loved to shop for craft stuff. She loved the possibilities of what she could make. Then she said she doesn't craft. She said "I am not a crafter, I am collector of crafting supplies" LOL That would be me. "I am not a person who follows a plan, I am a creator of plans" 


Okay I was looking for a picture to put in the blog today and it when I saw the one I used above it made  me smile. I know I can make all the plans I want but they could all be pointless. You know the old saying "If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans"  I know there is a bigger plan at work and I also know that I need to remain flexible because no matter how much time I spend planning God's plans are sooo much better than mine.

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