Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursdays (What a Week!)

This has been one of THOSE weeks. You know the kind. Where you feel like you have spent the whole week chasing your tail. I haven't been able to stop running but I feel like I haven't got much of anything accomplished. When you factor in major life changes over the last week or so with our jobs, two kids Birthdays, and regular life junk it has been a tiny bit of a stressful week.

I don't deal with the unknown very well.  I started to say with change but that isn't true. I deal with well layed out fully planned change really well. It is all the unknowns that get me. So what I have been feeling all week has very little to do with being thankful. That is why I am so glad that I started this thankfulness journey when I did. It has helped to keep me focused on the good things around me and the benefits of Dan's new job and a summer off with kids for me.  I am not going to say I have had a worry free great attitude this week, but it hasn't been half as bad as it could have been.  So I guess this week I am thankful for being thankful LOL

Here are some things from my journal:

  • Cool days
  • Rain
  • Burn Piles
  • Antivenom
  • Audio books
  • Caitie's Birthday

  • Dan home for a few days
  • Birds singing
  • Clothes on the clothes line


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