Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a weekend!

I haven't been on here to blog for a few days.  We had a very very busy Memorial Day weekend. It was exhausting but it was fun.

I worked Friday afternoon filling in for a friend at that afterschool program over at Bethel. Went to the church softball game. Kinda played. Hit the ball twice anyway. The kids had friends (notice the plural) over to spend the night. Saturday morning early yard sales on the hunt for a couch. Found one so that meant hauling out the old one and bringing in the new one. They were heavy! The kids went to friend's houses and Dan and I went out to a late lunch. Love me some Salsas. Pick up Timothy. Made a cake to take to church picnic on Sunday. Prepare for children's church. Decide that since it was 5th Sunday I would just let the kids play this week. Headed to Sunday school. Stopped and picked up Caitie and one of her friends. Late for sunday schoool :( Then a few minutes of Praise and Worship and on to Children's Church were they played and played. Then to Walmart. Subway for lunch and shoes for Timothy. Home to make deviled eggs for the picnic as I didn't care for the cake. Head to the picnic. Arrive late cause the friend of Caitie's we are bringing forgot her swimsuit and we had to go to town to get it. Picnic fun from 3:30 to 8 pm. Swimming, food, kayaking, horse shoes, lots of talking. The friend wants to stay the night so I have extras again. Monday we have chores to do. Housework, yard mowing, and animal care.  Then we are headed to a friend's for a cookout for Memorial Day. Tired hot and sweaty but quite I bit done. Run Caitie's friend home and drop Timothy off at a friends house. Head home to get a few more things done before cook out. Friend calls she has cut her hand pretty bad and is in urgent care getting stitches. We can cook out another day I say. Great now I have time to go to the grocery store maybe it will be slow since everyone is cooking out. Sit down for just a minute ... oops dozed off. Phone ringing. Back from urgent care and her family pitched in and got everything ready. Stitches in and hand bandaged cookout is back on. Pick up Timothy and head over there at 4 pm. Swim and chat, good food, good people. Head home around 7 pm. Stop at Walmart to get some things we need for lunches. Home .... whew... tired. Call my mom and can't stay awake on the phone. Fall asleep on the new couch at 9 pm it is comfy!

Fun weekend. Busy weekend. Man I am glad that is over LOL!


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