Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Parkinson's Law - Work expands to fill the time available

So I have been off work for a week now. I thought I would have got so much more accomplished than I have. I know that what is going on here isn't exactly what Parkinson meant when he created his law but I figured it sounded better than "The ever expanding black hole of house work that sucks up all the time available" as a blog title.  So how is it that I allowed the work to expand to fill every minute of my day now that I am not working?

The biggest part of my problem is the crazy way my brain works. My house was a little messy. I had a plan for getting it under control. What was my plan? Pull EVERYTHING out of all the closets and start by cleaning them out. Okay I admit at this point my house is a little bit worse off than it was before I started. (Okay MUCH worse), but if I ever get done it will be rockin' awesome clean! But right now? My house is a disaster. An absolute out of control disaster.  And I can't work on the outside when the inside is such a mess. That means I am losing control of the garden because I am working crisis management inside. Maybe this wasn't the best plan. It is however my normal way of doing things. So here I am now, sitting in my living room surrounded by piles of folded organized clothes and coats that I have no idea what to do with wondering what happened.

I am behind on laundry and dishes and everything else because I got this crazy idea and then lost control of it. Just imagine if the Cat in the Hat were in charge of your house.  That would be me and don't you feel sorry for my poor family LOL.  The smart thing would have been to get everything cleaned up and then do the closets little at a time. Well that's logical isn't it? Too bad I am not. Oops here is that all or nothing thinking creeping back in again.

Parkinson's Law seems be true and accurate. Work does expand to fill the time available. So I guess the key is to have a plan, a schedule, and only allow a set amount of time for the work to be done. The work didn't expand by itself and I am never gonna get to the fun stuff (garden, flowers, and painting inside) if I don't limit the amount of time I spend doing other stuff.  I can't think "Oh now I have ALL day to clean house". If I think that then I will allow the work to expand to fill the whole day.

So what do I need? I need a plan. Exciting. I LOVE a good plan. And as crazy and rambly as this blog has been today (thanks to those who stayed with me) this is where it led me. I NEED A PLAN. I can't just start out each day and work all willy-nilly. If I don't have a plan for here like I had for work nothing will get finished. Parkinson's Law will be in full effect and I am going to end up HATING this time off. I used to have a plan when I stayed home when the kids were little and that is what I need now!

Whew! I feel better. I am off to make a plan and then to get busy getting things finished! And I know where to go to get one. Ever heard of Flylady? She was all the rage back when I was a SAHM. I bet she is still around and I bet the plan still works!


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