Thursday, May 19, 2011

A New Favorite

As I have said before I LOVE music.  I like most kinds of music. I am not a big fan of Rap although there have been a few Rap songs I enjoy. Music is a very emotional thing for me. I can push my mood one way or another based on the music I listen to. My love and fascination with music is all the more amazing because I have no musical talent at all. I guess some people are just made to enjoy the talent of others.

Today I found something new that I love. Being a technology junky I love what people are doing with technology and music. I have seen so many videos lately where one person does all the parts of a song and then puts them together. I think it is so amazing. Then this morning I came across these guys (thanks Tara) and just listened and listened and listened. I am in love. Their music will be the newest addition to my Ipod.



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