Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rice Krispie Treat or 5K

I was inspired by Ryan Eller to write a bucket list this morning. You can check out his blog here Live Your List if you dare. He has some great ideas about ... well about bucket lists.

So anyway I was making my list on Pinterest of course because that is where I do everything and I set out to put at least 30 pins in my Bucket List in Pictures board. As I searched Pinterest I am thinking about the things I want to do, things I want to learn, and places I want to go. So many ideas. So many thoughts.

I pinned art I want to make and places I want see. Then I remember thinking last fall that I really wished I was in shape to do the Color Run. It just seems like such a fun idea. At this point in my life I have High Blood Pressure, am over weight, and just walking up a flight of stairs winds me so the Color Run really wasn't an option last fall. But the next run isn't until July so I think "Hey I could maybe be ready to do one by then". So as I pin a picture of the Color Run the irony just about knocks me over. I am pinning about how I want to do a 5K while sitting on my couch eating a Rice Krispie treat, drinking a cream soda, wearing my baggie sweats (believe me it ain't cause I am headed to the gym), and doing what I normally do....nothing.

Okay. Might be time to put down the Rice Krispie treat and GO DO SOMETHING!

Thanks Ryan!

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