Sunday, February 26, 2012

GTD and Flying

I don't know if any one is familiar with GTD, David Allen, or 43 things but it all about getting organized. I thought that back when I was selling Real Estate that I needed a system to help organize my day and to help make sure that I got everything done on the required time line. I had no idea!

Now that I am working as a personnel manager and am in charge of 70 people, their schedules, and their issues believe me I need GTD, David Allen and 43 things like I need oxygen. When I took over this job there was already a "system" of a sort in place that the person before me was using. I have spent the last 3 months basically just learning the job and figuring out exactly what was expected of me.

I think I have pretty good grip on that at this point so now I am ready to alter the system in place and make it work more efficiently for me. I am so glad to say that I have the knowledge and the tools to do that because of previous experience. So now it begins. I will be taking every task I have and creating a system to make sure it is done on time and as efficiently as possible.

They say your short term memory can only hold like 3 things at once and let me tell you I have about 20 at any given time so a system to take it out of my mind and capture it somewhere safe is absolutely necessary.


So that will be work. Here is the catch. What happens at work spills over in the house. I am finding that working in a job that requires as much time as this one does (not complaining I actually really enjoy it) is going to require a much better system at home in order for us to function.

That is where Flylady comes in. I used to have a great system in place to manage my house. I haven't used it in a very long time. But I know where to to find the resources to put it back together. I need a new control journal and so do my kids.

Anyway hopefully I can start putting things together in both places and things will start to run a little smoother around here.


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