Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fun time! Sun time! Time to FLY!

So for some people summer means fun in the sun, swimming, or maybe a vacation to some far away place. But for me summer means time for Vacation Bible School.

Every year I say never again LOL.Every year I say it is my last year. I have done my time in the Vacation Bible School arena. And every fall I get on to look and see what themes are available. Then all winter I look at oriental traders catalog to see what cool stuff they have that fits the theme. (but remember I am not going to do it again).

This year we even moved and found ourselves in a place where not a single soul knew I had ever even had a thing to do with VBS. But yet still here I am volunteering to help. Not even reluctantly LOL I am excited! How much fun is it going to be to experience VBS in a new church who does things different than what I am used to? Who has their very own way that they have "always done VBS".

Anyway here we go. I can't wait to see what God has in store for Calvary Baptist Church this year and I am glad I am going to be part of it!


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  1. Total honest truth----I finished up VBS Friday night, logged onto the Group page on Saturday night to see the theme for next year and it's AWESOME!!!!! It's a medieval kingdom theme with knights and kings and queens and everything. They are teaching that God's Word is not a fairy tale and that we can stand strong in our faith.

    And some of the songs for next year are sooooooooo good.

    Yeah, I'm pretty excited. About something exactly one year away. That is supposed to be for kids.