Sunday, June 24, 2012

God's Word: New for me today!

So we are still trying to find our "Sunday School" fit. We tried a different class today. It is a bit different. It is held in the sanctuary and is pretty much lecture style.

So we come in and sit down and the teacher, instructor, facilitator, leader or what ever he calls himself gets started. First thing he says "We are in the book of Romans." LOL of course you are I thought. ONLY someone who was in the FISH class years ago could understand how funny that is. We did the book of Romans. Boy did we ever do the book of Romans. We went verse by verse chapter by chapter. It took us a year. Yes you read that right a year.  We dissected it. We tore it apart. We read commentaries and different points of view. Yep! I have DONE the book of Romans.

But here is the really cool amazing thing about God's word. Today we went over chapter 4 and guess what ... I learned something new. Something I read and dissected and discussed back then was brand new to me this morning.  This isn't the first time this has happened to me but I tell you it amazes me every time. 

No matter how many times I read a book in the bible I get something different out of it. Something that is for me NOW. Maybe it wasn't for me then. But now it is. I just love it.

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